Terry 'Tham60' asked whether anyone had fitted a powerfeed to their No.O and I had typed out this reply before realising that Terry was probably talking about an over the counter, plug and go drive not some lashed together windscreen wiper motor job. So rather than mess up his thread I can mess up my own.

I commenced work on power feeding the little No.O's table after a discussion with Trong 'Jackaroo' a couple of months ago. Trong had used a car seat motor to power the slotting attachment he made for his 260 and I was able to acquire a motor from a Range Rover seat for a reasonable price on eBay. The seat motor appealed because it would have considerable torque and it proved to have it in abundance. The catch is that the 12V motor spins at 126RPM on full power. With the voltage reduced to 5V the motor turns at a unstallable 60 RPM. Any less and starts to flag. 60 RPM is way too fast so gearing will be required, maybe something like a 12:1 reduction.

IMG_20210529_131845792.jpg IMG_20210529_131943139.jpg IMG_20210529_132153657.jpg IMG_20210529_132604675.jpg

I thought that a readily removable connection to the leadscrew along similar lines to that on my other mill would be worthwhile but it required modification of the saddle to accommodate the required coupling.

IMG_20210531_104301240.jpg IMG_20210531_103451639.jpg IMG_20210531_103715582.jpg IMG_20210529_124136863.jpg IMG_20210529_125645673.jpg

Cutting the relief in the saddle was a bit of a challenge but I got there in the end. Handy thing having two mills.

IMG_20210601_162440536.jpg IMG_20210602_130739710.jpg IMG_20210602_135654852.jpg IMG_20210602_160959641.jpg

And then another project poked up its hand.......

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