Well as I continue to restore my pair of 260s I am now faced with the probable work of a deviant student who stuck a screwdriver in the back of the motor and broke off all the fan blades while it was running. I don't see how else they could all break off so neatly.

I matched up all the blades, numbered them and epoxied them all back on, but the balance is off now and I am not happy with the vibration in the motor, so I need to remove the fan and find a new one or put an external fan on the end of the motor. I know I can destroy the old fan to remove it but I would like to balance this one or find a replacement as a first option.

Could someone please let me know if this fan threads on or is a friction fit? It is a composite material, probably quite brittle now and I don't want to chance breaking it further in case I need to still use it, by balancing it.

Thanks for any insight.

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