Achieve the perfect finish by removing fine surface scratches and haze. Various sized bottles available to suit your needs.

No 5 Polish - General purpose water-based liquid uses a 5 micron abrasive crystal. Removes a 15 micron scratch. Follow with regular Micro-Gloss for an optically clear finish.

Micro-Gloss Polish - General purpose water-based liquid uses a 1 micron abrasive crystal. Removes fine surface scratches and haze. Use as a daily cleaner for aircraft canopies. For deeper damage, begin with Micro-Gloss No. 5.

Micro-Finish Polish - Premium Micro-Mesh polish used as a final step to remove residual haze on coatings, paint or plastics. Simply buff on by hand using soft cotton flannel to give your painted or urethan finishes that "wet" glossy look. Use this polish with confidence, as it contains n hazardous chemicals that could harm surfaces over time.

Anti-Static Cream - Use this to keep your transparencies looking new by reducing the static cling of dirt and debris to freshly reconditioned plastics. This protectant cream provides better overall coverage and is more effective than aerosol products.

In stock now, and available for despatch Australia-Wide.

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