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    Default Rosewood Bowl repair

    Hi All,
    I have been asked by a friend to help him repair a Rosewood bowl made 25 years ago by his late father in law.
    I believe the bowl is East Indian Rosewood. The horizontal glue lines are long grain and the vertical glue lines are end grain. There is some glue residue and I would guess that he used regular yellow wood glue.The repairs only involve the base. The finish is very nice and I do not want to disturb it.
    I am concerned that the base is fragile and I worry that anything other than very light clamping pressure could cause other glue joints to fail.
    I would appreciate any advice you can give me as to the best glue to use. My biggest fear is dealing with glue squeeze out as cleaning it with solvent (ie alcohol) would damage the finish. Is there a glue, possibly some kind of epoxy that would allow me to apply it and hold it tight with my hands for a few minutes and bond even partially?
    Again, any advice you can give me as to glue selection, clamping technique etc would be most welcome.
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    5 minute epoxy and painters tape to clamp it. Also use the tape to mask everything so you can wipe the squeezeout off while it's still wet.

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    As above but don't use cheap masking tape, get the good stuff. I've had epoxy soak through the cheap stuff.

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