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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Shed View Post
    Aldav is correct, I have the Imperial version and have never bothered to "upgrade" it to the metric one. Main reason is that ALL the original templates work with the Imperial version, only some with the metric one.

    It is also much harder to find the correct router bits for the metric one.
    Not exactly correct!! Yes there are more templates in the imperial set, but many are duplicates i.e. have the same markings but are labelled for different joints, the metric templates and the addendum to the library allow the same number of joints. The metric bit set has 6 pieces that cover the whole library and are readily available as are spares. The only issue may be that some budget bits don't cut the diameter that they're supposed to? Surely a $800+++ system deserves quality router bits?



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    I just checked the site originally posted fit the Union one router table at around $1000, and they have a Festool OF1400 router advertised for over $1000 when it sells for under$600 retail. Am I missing something or is selling tools above retail?

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