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    Default Sherwood Round Body Router question

    Does anyone have any experience with the Sherwood Round Body Router? Are they a good brand?

    The blurb on the sellers website says: " With 2400W (3 1/4HP) input and 1800W (almost 2 1/2HP) output, this router motor is perfect in virtually every way for router table applications. It is the standard 106.7mm (4.2in) diameter made popular by the Porter Cable 7518 motor from the North American market which means it will fit in the Incra, JessEm and of course, our very own Sherwood Round Body Router Lift. It runs on standard 240V with a 10-amp ANZ plug and can be mounted perfectly in the lift in a matter of a few minutes and gives you everything you need in a table motor without forcing you to pay for extras that you will never use (like the plunge bases integral to most Australian-sold routers)!"

    I plan to use this with a ShopNotes style homemade router lift (modified to suit the Sherwood router and using metric instead of imperial hardware). Unless it would be better to buy a router lift. Thoughts and opinions are welcome!

    Router Lift.jpg

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    Don't know if you've already bought one, but the earlier model had loads of trouble, and a lot of very unhappy owners. I'll try and find the relevant links.

    Ok, found it:

    Round Body 1800watt Router Motor

    I was looking at the same model, and found numerous complaints about the earlier model with frequent speed controller failures. The newer model sold by PWS doesn't have this issue.

    Curiously when I rung Timbecon to ask about the model version they had, they didn't know what version it was, but did say "they get quite a lot of returns on them"!

    cheers, Ian

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    My Men's Shed has the Timbecon unit, unfortunately the first unit we had got covered in a fine dust and one day just started revving higher and higher and higher, until it eventually imploded. I wasn't there when that happened, but by all accounts this elevating of the speed was quite fast and it imploded fractionally before the operator literally pulled the plug.

    Timbecon were good about it and immediately replaced it with a newer version which apparently has a better speed controller. Our resident Shed sparkies and electronic experts worked out what went wrong. We have since remedied the dust situation with a regular clean out of the speed controller area and the router, body weekly.

    We've had the new router since around February last year, it has been very good until March this year when the Shed effectively closed down for isolation.

    The router itself is very good, we have it in Timbecon's router lift, which works very well. It is also enclosed in the Timbecon cabinet which allows reasonable airflow and does keep the router pretty clean. That said, and as mentioned, we clean the router body very well with a vacuum cleaner regularly.


    Edit: forgot to mention we have the 2300W version or whatever is the current version; unbelievable power and speed.

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    The thing that worried me about the Timbecon one was that it was only in March this year I spoke to them and got the above reply.

    I am toying with the idea of getting the PWS Ver 3 one for a second router table I'm building, but in the meantime my main table will be a spindle and VFD unit, far, far superior so far as longevity and especially noise, and dust to a degree being water cooled.

    Having said that, any power tool that dies with ease after a little exposure to dust is definitely in the wrong game!

    My routers don't get any special treatment by any means, and quite often are used without the extractor for very frequent small or quick jobs, and I've never had an issue with any of them as a result over many decades. Although I do remember to blow them out with the air compressor once every decade or so! ;-)

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