Planning an external lean to style box for the dust collection and air compressor in (out of?) the new garage. Only have single phase, so reusing a 2hp generic extractor for the motor, and originally I was just going build it around a Super Dust Deputy or the Thien baffle i currently use with a pleated filter exhaust. But some reading on here has got me thinking about a 6" setup, which means bigger everything.

My greatest restriction is the size of the lean to i can fit. Need to keep it within 750Dx1000Wx1600H, which makes 44gal drums (cone plus drum is 1700mm H) a bit difficult, especially as the purpose of the lean to is to enable better muffling/noise dampening and that requires space and muffling foam.

Currently thinking a half or two thirds 44gal for the collector and a shortened 22" cone for the collector may work well. I know it wont be ideal, but trying to maximise space.