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    Default Occre Stephenson's Rocket 1/24 My second build

    Back again with project No 2, the Stephenson's Rocket by Occre, which I purchased as part of 3 items to see if I liked wood models. Yep its addictive so far.
    There is a huge jump in learning with this kit.
    The instructions have an english supplement, but are sparse. You have to rely on judging the photos's correctly.
    The kit contains metal parts as well

    Anyway hear goes:
    First the simple assembly of the main boiler. The frame was easy enough, but the parts list had me looking for 19 pieces of 2mm x 5mm x 72mm. It took some time to realise that the meant cut that no from the supplied wood.
    After that initial hurdle, I GOT the instructions. I guess the AMATI instructions with the stagecoach were what I was expecting.

    Additionally the Ply supplied for the bodywork is very thin and in a couple of instances split/ peeled when being cut. I could have been a but heavy handed I guess

    DSC01503.jpgMy Workbench kit in the background.
    Sanding it up and pinning the firebox. .
    All painted and assembled The brass fittings had to be shaped & cut from coil of wire. Straightend in hobby vice.
    Base unit completed and all parts added.

    Thats it for the first week. Initial impressions, Metal work needed cleaning up. More refining of parts than Amati Kit. ( Guess I was spoilt for first Kit )
    Lots of fun so far. Just wish it was a bit Bigger.

    I also just purchased a Gear Clock kit from Major Geeks for $59 US after a $10 vouched as sent to me for just looking on the previous night.
    That should be interesting.
    See you next time.

    Paul V

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    Default I've got to have a seat on this build

    Good progress already Paul...well done..cheers, crowie

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    Default week 2 body done

    Okay back again.
    Painted up the steam bits on top & fitted

    Straitened more wire in the vice and cut to size

    Put on the pipes

    Assembled and put on the pistons, then realised that I had out them on back to front and had to pull it apart and re do.

    put template on aluminium and cut for chimney stack.

    Painted up the stack and more wire, then applied.

    Sitting on wheels temp prior to painting and fitting.

    See you next week.

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    Default And so this one ends

    Engine Wheels completed & fitted ( 100 Rivets/Pins ahhrrrgg )

    Coal & Water carrier & wheels Assembled.
    Wheels with no Rivets
    The dreded water barrel. Took over a week on its own. No difficult just very fiddly as such a small size. (2cm x 5cm ish)
    Double skinned.
    Made my own stand based on a 40$ kit from Occre. THe wood was left over from this Kit & the Amati stagecoach ( I now see saving lots of left overs), and a piece of pine from some shelving.
    DSC01558.jpgDSC01560.jpg DSC01559.jpg

    The finished Kit.

    Final thoughts:
    Kit was a lot of Fun. The instructions had to be read carefully as the photos were out of scale in some instances, but were in build order. The english instructions were sparce and the parts list was the only location where size of wood cuts & type was listed. You had to read all instruction pieces to understand.

    Anyway awaiting my Wooden Clock Model from Want to start the little Ship Kit but will wait for clock first.

    Also trying to figure out how to convince the missus that I always had a Scroll saw... and a Drill press and a ....Bench Sander... ( Dream on...)
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Very well done's come up a treat!!

    I always thought you had all those machines in your shed from years ago,
    just hadn't had a great deal of time to unpack them and use them until now..........

    Please post the link in model making to the clock as I'm sure many would also like to see your build on it along with the ship when it also happens, thank you... .....

    Keep up the good work and finding all those tools you'd forgotten you had buried in the back of the shed.......
    Cheers, crowie

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    If you find a post of mine that is missing a pic that you'd like to see, let me know & I'll see if I can find a copy.

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