We have extended our May specials for 2 more weeks.
All prices now vaild till the 12th of June 2010
Discounts applied on final invoice

Pen Kits
If you make them as gifts or to sell, we
have the biggest range at the lowest price.
We have some great specials on our high
end pen kits

Bamboo Fountain $60 save $15
Lotus Fountain $63 save $16
Statesman Fountain $39 save $10
Jr. Statesman Fountain $36 save $9
Jr. Statesman Rollerball $31 save $9
Emperor Fountain $59 save $11
Emperor Rollerball $56 save $11
Jr. Emperor Fountain $50 save $15
Jr. Emperor Rollerball $45 save $15
Jr. Marshall Rollerball $29 save $11

Take 20% off the list price on all
Elegant Beauty pen kits and 10% off
the list price of all other pen kits.

JET 10-14 Mini Lathe Deal
Perfect for pens and smaller items,
the mini lathe is a staple in every
workshop add on an extension bed
and the possibilities are endless.
Get the Jet 10-14
Mini lathe & Extension bed for only $490
that's a saving of $60 off the rrp. Don't
have the bench space? Get a stand to
suit for $190 includes stand extension.

Hamlet Turning Tools
Everyone needs tools, made in
Shefffield England, these high quality
woodturning tools are sure to impress.
Take 15% off the list price of all
Hamlet tools including sets

GPW Chucks
One of the best chucks on the market, our
precision engineered third generation
chucks have the ability to take both
Vicmarc and Teknatool jaws.
Take $20 off the list price of our GP100
& GP110 chuck and chuck sets.

Woodworkers Vice
Another staple in every workshop, this
vice has many uses. Featuring quick
release, tow in jaws, a sliding dog and
will open to 330mm, $78 save $17.

JET Air Filters
Filtering 98% of all particles 5 microns
in size and 85% of all particles 1 micron
in size, remote controlled.
AFS1000B $340 save $85 off rrp.
AFS1500 $440 save $210 off rrp.

GPW Spindle Sander
Our 1/2 HP Spindle sander has been
selling like hotcakes. Made in Taiwan,
1440 rpm spindle speed, includes stand.