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    Default Poor Man's Vacuum Chamber

    Pressure cooker bought on a well know auction site, new lid made from 5/16" Perspex and a few pipe fittings. The seal cut from a piece of Neoprene pond liner & fixed to the Perspex with silicone sealant.
    The vacuum is pulled by a old fridge compresser in 'suck' mode.
    One thing to remember when using these old fridge units is that when they are in the fridge, it is a closed circuit and the lubrication oil goes around with the refridgerant, if used as a compressor, or in my case, a vacuum pump, it becomes an 'open' circuit and the lubricant gets thrown from the outlet so oil needs to be squirted down the 'in' hole regularly DAMHIK.
    Tried out with Sanding sealer and works well, bubbles of air coming out of the wood, trouble is the solvent in the sealant is very volatile and boils off as the pressure is lowered so I must save my pennies, buy some CJ and wait until SWMBO is out and I can use the oven.......
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