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    Fantastic, What a brains trust exists in these forums.
    I have got to have a go at this one. How many of these will be made this weekend??
    Thanks for the great tute.

    Below was added an hour later
    Tick tick tick goes the brain.
    So, I could cut the main blank 1 inch shorter.
    Glue a contrasting wood to the bottom tube.
    Turn him up the same and have something bigger to turn for the nib and for pulling apart.
    Maybe even file 3 small shallows around the small piece like those rubber ended pens.
    I think this may work.

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    Hey troy I have been doing a couple of these one piece's and I have noticed when Sanding these the nib end moves when applying some pressure and making the pen out of round so I have came up with a solution sticky tape wrapped around the nip end to stop it from moving 3 layers all up just thought I would share my findings Ian

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    I have been making one piece slimlines for a few years now. They are fun to make and are really nice. I have noticed a couple of problems. One is the writing end can be quite thin and weak, as has been mentioned in this thread. The other is the pen can be difficult to both twist and take apart to change the refill. I would like to offer solutions to these two problems.

    (1) Difficult to twist or take apart: The solution I have been using is to not use the entire upper tube. I use just enough of the upper tube to catch the transmission and operate the pen. The amount of tube to use must be determined before gluing the tube into the clip end of the blank. I insert the tube/tranny/nib assemble into the blank and then insert the upper (clip end) tube until it just engages the transmission. There will be excess tube sticking out. The excess can be used to twist the transmission. Push it in a little or pull it out until the feel is good and you have confidence the tube is holding onto the tranny I use about 35.25 mm of the tube (1.38 inches) and the tube is only over the transmission about 8.5mm (.333 inches) These numbers are not written in stone.

    (2) Thin on the writing end: This can be solved by just making the end a little thicker and rolling the edge over to take away the sharp edge. But, the solution I now use is this. I use a short section of 8mm tube (ID is 7.12 mm) about 12 mm long (.5 inches) glued into the writing end. Drill for the 8mm tube after drilling for the 7mm tube. Glue this short section of 8mm tube into the writing end. The 7mm kit tube will slip nicely inside and the short 8mm section of tube will strengthen the end and the pen will hold up and last longer. The 8mm tubes have an OD 7.67 mm and are the tubes from either the perfume pen or the bracelet helper. Those are the ones I purchase and use. Tubes from other kits may also work.

    Both of these will make twisting the transmission easier along with making pulling the pen apart easier. Sorry I took so long to share these (what I consider) improvements. Have fun making the one piece slimline and using the excellent tutorial that started this thread.

    Do a good turn daily!

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