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    Default Buderim Mens Shed vist by the Cooroy Camphor Laurel Volunteer Woodworkers

    After a recent visit to Cooroy Camphor Laurel buying timber, woodworkers from the Buderim Men's Shed invited us to visit their facilities in Buderim, Queensland.
    On arrival two carloads of saw-dusty Cooroy woodworkers were treated to morning tea in their alfresco dinning area and given an overview of the facility before a grand tour.
    What a setup! Everything from A to Z in activities for over 300 members, making them one of the largest Men's Shed in Australia, if not the largest.
    They are now fund raising 1.5 million dollars to build a purpose built Men's Shed to cater to the increasing membership on the Sunshine Coast.
    We wish them every success in their endeavor.

    Highlights of the visit.

    20160920_093950.jpg Alfresco dinning

    20160920_101503.jpg20160920_101855.jpg Woodworkers exchanging tall tails and true.

    20160920_102120.jpg20160920_102205.jpg The display in the foyer

    20160920_102533.jpg Advanced computing class. At the time they were online looking at second hand camper vans. Why am I not surprised

    20160920_102745.jpg French polishing room. I was informed this table had 180 coats. Ideal occupation for someone with O.C.D.

    20160920_103123.jpg Part of the library.

    The following photos are of the toy making room. As a toy maker myself I was interested in their operations and the kind of toys they were making. As our visit was on a Tuesday and not a Friday I missed chatting with the resident toy makers whom, I was told, have many years of experience making toys.


    20160920_103237.jpg Leather work room. Spot the Hawaiian with the ukulele. He has plans to make a ukulele using camphor laurel. We expect to see him soon looking for 1/4 sawn timber.

    20160920_104857.jpg The Turners

    20160920_105027.jpg20160920_105039.jpg The art room
    20160920_105338.jpg Lead lighting room

    20160920_110200.jpg Metal workshop, gardening shed and the building behind houses the turners and artists.

    20160920_110207.jpg The main building, The Buderim Men's Shed. It was a Eye Hospital in the past. You can buy this building now for 3.2 million.

    I hope you enjoyed our visit as much as we did.

    Please support Men's Sheds where ever you find them, they offer a much needed service to the men who helped build this country.

    All the best in your endeavors
    kindest regards
    the Cooroy Toymaker

    P.S. You can find my pages with lots of pictures over in the Toy Making forum.
    Handmade Wooden toys Sunshine Coast Queensland

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    Buderim has always been a beautiful town full of retirees from the 1960's when we were at Marooochydore.
    I'm hoping to be up that way to visit family in January, so maybe able to visit if I'm lucky.

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    Default Shed Update

    How is the mens shed going, any updates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanderanwills View Post
    How is the mens shed going, any updates?
    Handmade Wooden toys Sunshine Coast Queensland

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