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    Default Men's shed etiquette - WA

    Hi Men's shedders.

    I live in Melville and will be helping my son do a school project with some woodwork.

    I will not go into detail at this stage.

    What is the etiquette of me/him bringing some partially finished work in to get finished with some more specialised tools, such as cutting the edges, etc.
    Is there a fee or is it a "donation". Even if there was not, I feel there should be some form of recompense.

    For example: He is going to start to make some simple serving trays out of used jarrah floor boards. He will be able to sand and do the joinery but when it comes to the final cutout etc and he takes that in, is it something the Men's shed could assist with and how does he pay for the luxury/service.
    I am happy to pay or donate funds.

    (that being said, I wonder if having a sticky post about the etiquette of a men's shed service could be made. Yes each one would be different but very similar too).


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    A major problem ATM is no mens sheds are open and its hard to say when they will open - when they do they are likely to be run on a reduced appointment based attendance system due to social distancing requirements.

    Otherwise It varies a bit between sheds and how busy they are etc.

    For insurance purposes it's most unlikely you/son can just drop in and quickly DIY. For a DIY you'd (both) have to join (pay annual subs/insurance), undergoing a formal induction which includes being assessed for skill level to use specific machinery etc. This would give you access for 12 months which could be useful but due to what I said in the first sentence there might be a problem with taking on new members.

    Depending on the shed it would probably be quicker to get someone at the shed to do the machinery tasks for you for which a donation is usually requested. This may depend on the exact tasks involved, how busy the shed is and of there is a shed member willing to do this.

    If you PM me I can give you the contact details for manning mens shed who often do the second on the options listed above.

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