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    Default Hospital bed workbench upgrade

    I've used this bed for a while with another undersized board to support things while I sand and paint them.

    Now I want to use it for actual woodwork. I thought about building a bench to go over it. Problem is that it would be the standard height and I would lose the ability to have it low again. Plan is to have removable support legs that will slide in the ends. For now I just want to be able to use bench dogs and add a quick release end vice to it. To do this i need to move the board over one end. Then I'll have a gap at the other end because the board is too short.

    My question is do I really need board to extend the other end to match? Don't basically need one side and one end to work at?

    I'm also planning to sit it beside my table saw. For this I want to be able to drop another board on to allow for the slots, cross cut sleds and alike.

    The length is just under 2m. Width a bit under 1m. The height will range from 0.54m to 1m.
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