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    Hi Mike . Thanks , its nice to hear that you like it and its inspiring to you . Its worth the effort to do as much as possible as far as features go so they are there when you need them .

    The finish isn't much of an important feature in the use of the bench . Except that glue spills peel off shellac pretty easy . My main reason is I'm set up for french polishing. I have all the ingredients in place and have been doing it a long time . I know fast ways and slow traditional ways to get it done . And I believe in the long lasting ability of french polish . It ages well and can be revived very easy which means it looks better as time goes by . Just like Antique furniture.

    I was making a show piece as well . I worked in a shop on a main street that was busy and the people walking in to look at the furniture sometimes looked through the workshop out the back. The bench stopped people in their tracks and a lot of good conversations came from that . The amount of times I heard woman say how they'd love to be able to show their Dad the thing . Id never point it out . Just wait and see what came from it was the way .
    People look at your bench and your work but your best work isn't always their to be seen . It goes out the door a week after its finished . Just seeing the bench and work being done well and the finished pieces was how I built a reputation that's lasted . I moved 2.5 into the country and work keeps coming in from all around Australia three years since being in the city . The social media thing is the main reason . People see that then ask around I think . Being known then kicks in . So making a bench look its best is a good idea for those reasons . And french polish is one of the best ways IMHO. The old boys hundreds of years ago did the same with their tool boxes , built them fancy. I bet if Benjamin Seaton was around he'd still be getting orders for tables and cabinets because of that tool box .

    Linseed oil boiled or raw can be used in an Oil and Turps mix . Its a nice way of cleaning and preparing by giving a fine cut back for a re polish . Not that I do it much . The last time was for those picture I used here at the start of the thread.
    I do just give a wipe over with Oil and turps sometimes .

    Here is a view of the bench top captured while doing some cabriole legs last week. The shine is dull but still there . Dust just wipes off a surface like that so easy . The only thing that can damage my top is the sharp points in the base of the sharpening stone box . I try and use in on the work table out front of the bench.



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    Thanks very much for your detailed reply, Rob.

    Members, such as yourself, who are willing to share their wealth of knowledge and experience is what makes this forum such an invaluable resource to beginners like me. I'm never going to be able to produce anything that approaches the quality of your work but I hope to build a bench that I can be proud of and will bring me joy every time I use it. And because of you I will be finishing it with shellac + BLO:turps......probably won't be French polishing it though.

    Thanks again,

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    as ggod as the pics are of those legs, they are not nor ever will be on my bucket list....look too much like my grandmothers and that scared me for life
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