As part of my retirement project to clear out the stuff accumulated in my shed over 30 years I have been trying to use up various bits of timber. There was some reclaimed oregon on hand so I knocked up my version of a moxon vice. The threaded rod, nuts and washers, screws and aluminium plates were also from stock on hand. The only things I bought specifically were the 3mm screws and nuts for the handles and the dome nuts to tidy up the ends of the threaded rods.

There are still a lot of surface defects but I'm claiming these as "recycling character". Finish is a couple of coats of BLO. There is no soft stuff on the clamping faces but it seems to hold well at this stage so I'll run with it as is for now and only add something if needed.

P1100497 [800x600].jpg
The threaded rods run through 10mm hex nuts recessed in behind aluminium keeper plates.
P1100524 [800x600].JPG
P1100527 [800x600].JPGP1100530 [800x600].JPG
There are pieces of threaded plastic recessed into the moving jaw to pull the jaw open when the screws are unwound. I'm not sure if this in keeping with the principle of this design because most people seem to have the jaw floating on the screws - but it works for me.
P1100532 [800x600].JPG

So now there's a bit less reclaimed stuff lying around and I have another piece of equipment available.