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    Default Australian Rainforest Woods: characteristics, uses and identification - Morris Lake

    Australian Rainforest Woods: characteristics, uses and identification

    Lake, Morris

    CSIRO Publishing, 2015.
    Quarto, laminated boards, 208 pp. colour photographs.


    Describes 140 of the most significant Australian rainforest trees and their wood. . The main section examines the species and their wood with photographs, botanical descriptions and a summary of the characteristics of the wood.
    Avaiable from Andrew Isles (

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    Default Has anyone bought a copy yet?

    Has anyone bought a copy of this book yet? Although I'm sure there's lots to learn in there I'd love to know how useful it is from a woodworker's perspective.

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    I had a flip through a copy at the ANBG bookstore last week; it's interesting but probably a little OTT for woodworkers - I've found everything I need to know about the timbers I work with on my supplier's website: Furniture Timber Gallery

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    Default Australian Rainforest Woods: characteristics, uses and identification - Morris Lake

    I found a copy at my local library and have started leafing through it.
    So far my only criticism is that the plates of the boards seem to all be a bit yellow/brown and a bit 'muddy'. So they don't show off the differences enough.
    Aside from that the info seems accurate and is clearly presented. I particularly like the fact that the author gives density (kg per cubic metre) at 12percent moisture for each timber and its radial and tangential shrinkage percentage. These can be very useful to know.
    I suspect that I won't be shelling out $70 for the hard copy, but I might buy the kindle version for about $45.

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