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    Default Read and pass along to next interested party. Legacy in sculptured wood.

    Hi, I purchased a book secondhand called Legacy in sculptured wood .... An appreciation of the work of John Kendrick Blogg, 1851-1986. This has detailed pictures of his sculptures that you may have seen and not realised. In the the true sense of a library if it is allowed.... I am happy to post this within Australia to anybody how would like to have a read and browse on the condition they send it on to the next interested party. When any interest wanes it can be posted back to me, details by pm when the time comes. Please pm me if you would like it first and post reply here. Cheers Dean

    Please delete mods if not allowed.

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    Default John Kendrick Blogg.

    Hi all,
    This is one of the most fantastic books you would wish to see.
    A lot of his work is done in Red Gum, & if you Carve, then you will know just how hard it is to work.
    I do have his Book, but at the moment, I seem to have misplaced it.
    I am reasonably sure he had quite a few pieces in Surrey Hills in outer Melbourne. One lot, I think is in the Presbyterian Church, Surrey Hills, Vic.
    Have Lathe, Wood Travel.

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