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    Default Art Deco Hollow Form

    Some time back in Melbourne, one of my segmented hollow forms was awarded "Best of Show" at Australian Wood Turning Exhibition. My wife had taken a shine to it and was very disappointed when I told her it had been sold, that was about seven years ago. After all this time, I have succumbed to a request to recreate it for her. I had hesitated all this time for ethical reasons, but tho this one is similar but smaller and with different timbers, but the design is essentially similar, so I feel better about it's reproduction. The original form was inspired by the art deco facade of a building.

    Timbers used, in sequence from the outside, Queensland maple, black bean, Nth Silky oak,red cedar, quilted Qld maple and Queensland walnut in the centre. Finished with sanding sealer and several coats of lacquer.

    It is one of the few jobs that I am fairly satisfied with.


    This is the build up for the top panel, before turning.

    Art deco hfS.jpg

    top panel after turning
    DSCN2777.jpg Art deco Hollow formS.jpg Art decohf2S.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by powderpost View Post

    It is one of the few jobs that I am fairly satisfied with.
    Looks pretty darn good to me too Jim. Fitting that it goes to your wife, they tend to be our greatest critics.
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    I remember the original Jim, in fact I think I have a photo of it somewhere. I think I like MK2 even more. Very nice.

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