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    Default Thanks for the info

    Many thanks for the info will be invaluable

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    Box bits number 10 the link appears broken?
    woody U.K.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jow104 View Post
    Box bits number 10 the link appears broken?
    Number 10 works fine me, unless you're referring to number 11?

    The following three listed after #11 are #11 but are named instead but the PDF says they're 11a, 11b and 11c.

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    'Box Bits #10 - A Routed Box (Principles)' doesn't work for me in IE 10, whereas all the others do, but works in Firefox.

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    Red face Thanks for the excellent info

    Just started making boxes, will use some if not all of these principals
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    Default Thanks

    Appreciate the time and effort to do this, thanks kindly.

    Cheers, Kerry
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    smiddo said:

    Default has anyone?

    Sorry guys but i am just a newbie. Has anyone mad a perfect mitred grain matched box? I made one using a 45 degree chamfer bit and stops on the router table, there was no perceptible grain missmatch. It looked almost folded. if anyone else has done this wouldn't mind knowing.
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    Default Many Thanks

    All work for me via Firfox 46.01 in Linux Mint
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    Mistake in the article Barrel Hinges front view top view part 2
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