Hi All
Thanks for looking at the forum.
As the name suggests, DVD Educator is about learning by DVD.
You can't always watch an expert every time you need to learn another woodworking skill.

I don't know about you, but when I want to learn a woodworking skill, a book is hard to follow. I'd much rather watch someone show me.

Hence the DVDs. It's good they don't get impatient if I watch them more than once.

Anyway we have a lot of woodworking and woodturning titles. Just the thing to help you with that project.

A few of the woodworking titles are:
Build a Shaker Table
Chairmaking Techniques
Dovetail a Drawer.

There are plenty. Click on the link and have a look.

Also the Woodturning DVDs include Neil Scobie's 3 DVDs. Neil is an Australian Woodturning expert and I had the privilege of watching him in action at a demonstration put on by the local woodworking club. His DVDs are great and easy to follow. I particularly like Making a Wave Rim Bowl.
My favourite wife would like me to make one. It looks like I'll be watching Neil's DVD again.