Hi I'm doing cert IV in building. After years in the industry thought it about time I got up to speed on legal issues etc.

Currently I'm researching contracts, something I have never procured for myself. Can anyone help me with copies of HIA, ABIC and MBA contracts. I need copies for reading.

The ones listed below are mentioned in my learning guide, if there are others i should be aware of please feel free to let me know




Small works contract. (HIA)
Medium works contract. (HIA). Supervised
Medium works contract. (HIA). Unsupervised
NSW residential building contract for renovations/additions. (HIA)
NSW residential cost plus contract. (HIA)

Please note, I have the following AS4000 / 2124 / 4300 / 4915 / 4916 / 4902 / 4917 / 4305 / 4905 I also have 2 from NSW Fair Trading Thanks to any who might be able to help

Regards Dave