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    Default Making a Cricket Bat for School

    I wanted to make a cricket bat for a school project and had a few questions for any bat makers out there:
    1. Where is the best place to get a cleft and handle from in Australia?
    2. What is the price and would the cleft have been pressed?
    3. If the cleft doesn't come pressed, is there a way to manually press it (I don't have access to machinery)?
    4. In all the tutorials I have scene, the handle is bound using a lathe and vice, as I stated, I don't have access to these things, is it possible to do this manually and how (I have lots of spare time)?
    5. All in all, what would be the tools and materials I require?

    Thanks a bunch


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    You will not find any of the components available separately you will have to make them yourself, as for rolling the blanks that will be difficult
    in saying that I'm sure the original bats were not rolled and simply used a suitably selected dense peice of timber

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    Hi Nalin,

    Check your Private Messages (on the brown toolbar at the top of this page.)


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    Hi Nalin,

    You could try and get in contact with this place:

    Whist the website isn't much, they grow their own willow and handmake bats on site (well they did last time I was there). It would be well worth while giving them a call and explaining what you are trying to do ...... if they are still up and running I am sure they will help you out.


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