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    Default pH of wood material (birch, alder or aspen)

    I am a student of wood technology and writing a paper about pH measurement of hardwood species. I would appreciate your valuable and practical insight!
    Does anybody have any working experience with the wood types black alder, grey alder, birch or aspen
    do you have any ideas about the acidity or basic characteristic of these wood species, or what affects the pH of these species and how is it relevant to wood work.
    do you think any factors could particularly be relevant that affect the big variations in pH values of the same type of wood, such as temperature of the wood, or surface quality, etc. Has any of you ever tried to measure pH of wood? what instrument do you use and whats your experience with the measurements?
    Please share with me all you know about pH of the wood.

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    Most participants on this forum are Australian based and we very rarely (never?) encounter the species you mentioned.

    However we do have some species where the woods ph can be problematic in glue-ups.

    Acacia melanoxolyn - commonly known as the Australian or Tasmanian blackwood and many of our Eucalypts are sensitive to the ph of PVA glues and will blacken adjacent to the glue joint or the glue joint will present as a very well defined black line.

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