I thought that it would be nice to share the guidelines that the three anonymous judges will be judging the 2015 Pallet Challenge.

There are five categories and some questions to consider.

Creativity/Design: How good is the design, how creative is the entry?
Originality: - is the design unique or adapted?
Workmanship/Technique: how well did the entrant build the item?
Aesthetics: how pleasing overall is the item?
Finish: Does the finish suit the item and add to the end result, or does the finish detract?

Each category will have a mark out of 7 that will result with a maximum score of 35.

The total score that the anonymous judges allocate by each piece will be added together and divided by three. This average score will be added to the total votes from the members. This would give a total score to determine the rankings.

In case of a tie Ubeaut will be called to make a decision. Which equates to Ubeaut not been able to vote in the competition.

As I am organizing this event and will know who submitted what I will also not be able to vote in this competition. As the anonymous judges are making decisions with regards to categories, they will not be able to cast in the general vote.

One last thing to add this year we will have a separate category and vote for most creative use of a pallet. This is purely voted by the members.

I hope people are encouraged to enter the competition and create something they need, want or just like the look of.

Thank you