I am the QLD and NSW distributor for Constantia Organic Finishes 100% organic and blended from Australian sourced products in Port Lincoln and ideal for interior and exterior use. Constantia like to refer to the range as a chemical set for timber as the products are all compatible with each other and can be specifically mixed for a custom finish.

I am happy to take calls 0411 758 100 or you can email me [email protected] if you have any questions.

The main Constantia site Home - Constantia Organic Finishes has a wealth of information and an easy to understand users guide under the "getting started" banner.

For pricing and purchases please visit my site Finishes – The Box Junkie
If you are in the Brisbane metro area i am happy to visit with finished samples and demonstrations.

We are also looking for resellers so if you are part of a group in an area where access to finishes is limited or by postage only and you know of a candidate please let me know.

David Deambrogio