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Thread: Burglar caught!

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    Default Burglar

    I would have loved to have been there with a video camera! We both might have become famous overnight.

    Barry Hicks

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    Ah well, after two years I can finally laugh at it.

    It wasn't very funny at the time though

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    Sadly I can match that story. My wife and I would go for a walk around a lake of an evening. The lake is a man made jobbie called Mawson Lakes. It is about 2-3 kilometers around the whole thing and in some sections there are bushes etc. We were about to leave to drive down to Mawson Lakes when my daughter and son in law came for a visit. They decided they would come along for a walk as well. There is two ways you can go around the lake, a short walk and a longer walk depending if you cut across the bridge. Now the kids are obviously younger and so were a bit quicker and we eventually got seperated. It was dark and there was quite a few sections between the lights that were quite dark. As we were walking we could see the kids had just about lapped us and were coming up behind us a couple of hundred feet back. The path winds a bit and we disappeared from their view, my wife kept walking and I hid behind a bush near the path. I was nearly wetting myself thinking how they were going to be scared out of there pants, something my son in law takes great pleasure in doing to me. As they were about to pass the bush I jumped out in front waving my arms and screaming blue murder.........this middle aged coupkle nearly died on the spot, their little dog ran off into the was like a scene from a teenage movie. After apologising and helping them find their dog they saw the funny side of it, but not as funny as my kids who appeared shortly afterwards.
    Try to look unimportant, they may be low on ammo.

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