I have seen some pics surface coatings on forged items but sadly could not find details of same .The surface coating appears to be a black finish and is satin type finish.

I found tips about beeswax and linseed oil and applied it to my fabbed tongs ( yes I know its not very blacksmith like -ecetera )- but I have an anvil, but no forge as yet)

I am looking for that black durable finish but obviously an ingredient is missing. I have read about plumbago in a black smith forum but Google says plumbago is a bloody flower. How to I get from flower to blackened tools ?

The pic shows the beeswax and linseed coating which when dry seems a fairly good as a rust preventative ,being left out in the dew- didn't start to rust as other bare steel does.
Would quenching in oil do it - like a blueing effect. If so, what sort of oil? beeswax and linseed coated tongs.JPG and I can beeswax over it.?

Still, I would like to more blackening so the shiny bits don't show.- if any body has knowledge or can direct me to a link -thank you

Your knowledge and assistance on this subject will be appreciated.

Thanks Grahame
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