I started this journey with making a small wooden split pattern but couldn’t figured a good way to do my logo and the text. Sometime later I got a Aldi 3D Printer.

So I downloaded Fusion 360 and got to learning on the fly and 3D modeled my anvil with draft.

First print using sample filament that came with the printer hence color changes as it ran out.

I printed a whole bunch more for economics it’s cheaper to have 8 in a mould than individually ram each one up.

Had a fixed flask dimension and had to try to work out how many I could fit into the flask and where the sprue, runners, gates etc would be.

I sprayed all the prints with high build spray putty and hand sanded them all back with wet n dry paper. I didn’t want any of the print layers showing through.

I drew up a template for the flask and drilled the location pins.

The match plate all rammed up gives this sand mould in the flask.

After pouring in bronze.

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