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Having a cleanup of the shop and I have quite a few gunsmithing books and tools. I've only ever dabbled in gunsmithing to help a few friends out that didnt want to have to pay a gunsmith for simple fixes and don't have any use for these tools or books. I sold most of the chamber reamers to a local gunsmith a while back but I found some more recently if anyone is interested.

happy to give the books away for free except for the British shotgun books as they're quite lovely and go for a small fortune on ebay(my two volumes of "the British shotgun" are signed by the author) but I'll happily lend them for anyone that wants to read them. there's more here than I had time to photograph but you can have a sort through and pick out what you want. just PM for my shop address or preferably call me on the shop phone (07) 5522 1726 I'd rather not post them so only locals please (I'm in Burleigh heads, QLD)

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