Just after some advice please. I think I have found my first lathe Iíd like to buy.


Can anyone advise me please if I wanted to progress to gun smithing work one day, would this lathe be suitable or would I have to sell this and buy something else then?

I noticed ďGrizzlyĒ in USA offer specific lathes for gunsmithing, that I assume must vary in some way from standard centre lathes?

I donít see anything offered here in Aus thatís sold as gunsmithing specific is all.

Is there something Iím missing or need to know before pulling the pin on this one?

Many thanks in advance, obviously Iím a new chum when it comes to this metal working, more of a wood butcher than metal worker but firearms used to be made of both wood and metal so Iím kind of hopeful I might one day evolve to being able to competently perform both aspects 👍

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