This post has been stuck at the top of this forum since NOV 2012
But it would appear, that not everyone, takes the time to read it before posting. So here it is again.

READ THIS before posting in this forum.

This forum
IS NOT for the discussion of the the pro's and con's of guns.

This forum is for those with a genuine interest in gunsmithing, repairs, modifications, designs, building, etc. It is for discussion and help, regarding the expertise and fine work associated with gunsmithing.

  • Any posts from pro or con gun lobby will be deleted without explanation by an Admin Team member.
  • Continued posting along the same lines from the same people may see the offender lose privileges or in the worst case banned from the forums.
  • Any posts supporting illegal work on guns will also be deleted without explanation or put into moderation until legal info can be obtained.


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