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    Default Canoe in Paulownia Strip

    Howdy All,

    Well, I did put together a big collection of pictures from the Duckflat Spring School last month - how long ago that seems now - but I have a few new photos because the people who were building the Strip Canoe from Paulownia came back to lift it off the mould and clean and glass the inside.

    This was perhaps the most interesting of the construction methods - meaning the choice of paulownia and the lightweight glass.

    Paulownia is starting to be a good choice because Cedar is becoming expensive - and may not be from sustainable sources. The Paulownia (a Chinese timber) is being grown here on plantations in WA and Queensland.

    They wanted to keep the weight down so only used light glass of 2oz inside and out with a second layer where the bottom will contact the ground and on the inside where feet and knees might go.

    It appears from the Guillemot Canoe site that two layers of thinner glass have much greater dent resistance than a single layer of the same weight. So the 2 x 2oz will have better resistance than on of 4oz. And generally the recommendation is that 6oz or 4oz is adequate.

    The boat certain feels very robust.

    Here is an example of good policy - epoxying and then sanding BEFORE the parts go into the boat. Looks fiddly, but a lot easier than doing it on the boat.

    Note also the care taken to not get glue on the glass with the stems of the boat being fully masked. Those outer stems will be reduced in all dimensions to look neat on the boat.

    No news about the weight yet. I'll post it when and if I hear.

    All the photos are here

    For those wanting some of the previous discussion of Paulownia you can look here - this article talks about how light you might be able to go in a practical sea kayak. - this article talks about how much thicker you have to make things to keep them the same strength. This is perhaps only relevant to larger boats. Smaller boats can still use the same thickness strip as in cedar strip construction

    Best wishes
    Michael Storer

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    Here is a search for Paulownia on my website. The first results focus strongly on the timber. Down the list the relevance drops.

    Search results for "Paulownia"

    There are a number of good suppliers now and the best way to find them is on this WWF.

    Here is the search which brings up suppliers that members have found.


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