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    Default Bandsaws from the same Chinese factory

    Just posting an observation.

    Having just bought my first bandsaw (hafco BP-310) I decided to watch some, I mean lots of videos on all the adjustments necessary to get good quality cuts including the Guru Mr. Snodgrass and I was absolutely amazed how many times I saw exactly the same bandsaw rebadged

    In Australia the Hafco and Sherwood ( YouTube )
    In USA Wens ( YouTube )
    In UK Charnwood (YouTube ), Lumberjack ( YouTube ) and Draper ( YouTube )

    All of these are identical so definitely out of the same factory and don't get me wrong, I'm not putting down the quality, in fact, they work well I'm just surprised how many are out there and they all share the same pros and cons with the biggest con being the guard covering the guide bearings. So if you are in Australia and own a hafco or sherwood then there are plenty of videos out there showing the exact same saw and all its intricacies.

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    It's not necessarily the same factory.

    Because of a lack of IP regs, budget tool/machine (in fact pretty well everything) plans/templates and even castings are blatantly copied so everything looks the same but they might have been made by different factories with different levels of quality control. Then there are the copiers of the copies who pride themselves on making as good a copy as they can. Taiwanese machines are regularly copied in mainland China, but Taiwanese generally have better quality control so although it's not a bullet proof guarantee of quality it is worth pursuing these machines over the mainland stuff.

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