This is a very simple solution to fitting a Kreg fence to a Minimax bandsaw, but I thought it may be useful to anyone considering a similar fit as I couldnít find anything of the kind when I went looking for advice on alternative fences for my Minimax s400p.

The bandsaw itself is terrific but Iíve been less than satisfied with the fence that it came with - itís solid, heavy, straight and tall but itís not at all easy to fine tune the adjustment in anything under 2-3 mm, which is a pain in the neck for fine work, cutting veneers etc.

When I went looking for alternative off the shelf fences the Kreg fence seemed to be all that is available and, although it appears to be marketed for 14Ē bandsaws, itís much the same length and rail width as the one that came with the Minimax.

However when looking at the Kreg compatibility chart it said that it would fit with modification to the bandsaw table and would need to be removed every time Iíd want to change the blade.

The Kreg mounting arrangement, being bolted directly to the front of the table, is designed to suit tables with the blade slot running out the side of the table:

To fit the fence to a Minimax table Kreg suggested drilling the front of the table in order to bolt it directly via the predrilled holes in the Kreg fence, so closing access to the blade slot, similar to this fitting on this saw, which I think is a Laguna:

However I wasnít keen on drilling the cast iron Minimax table, nor having to remove the fence every time I wanted to change blades, which I do quite regularly depending on the job.

So, quite simply - (and Iím surprised Kreg donít suggest this) - I drilled the base of the Kreg fence rail and bolted it using the original fence brackets.

Square the rail to the table and line it up as close as possible while still allowing the blade slot pin to be removed and clamp it to the existing brackets to mark the holes:

[IMG]IMG_9814 by Greg Larkin, on Flickr[/IMG]

[IMG]IMG_9816 by Greg Larkin, on Flickr[/IMG]

The height of the rail was actually quite close, it just need a washer between each bracket and the rail to bring it up level with the table

[IMG]IMG_9817 by Greg Larkin, on Flickr[/IMG]

[IMG]IMG_9818 by Greg Larkin, on Flickr[/IMG]

The Kreg fence has been a great improvement and Iím very pleased with the way it has fitted and how easy it is to adjust. Next step will be a Kreg Micro adjuster for it.

I hope this might help someone.