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    Default Adjusting blades on a Sherwood bandsaw

    Hello all,
    I recently purchased a 14" deep cut Sherwood bandsaw from Timbercon in Melbourne, I bought it as it was advertised as handling blades 6mm to 25mm and with a 14" depth of cut, I thought it would be a great all round machine, and it mostly is except I am having a bit of trouble adjusting the 6mm blade.

    Looking at Alex Snodgrass YouTube video on setting blades up, he recommends the gullet be in the center of the tyre, so this is what I am trying to achieve.

    The problem is that if I adjust the tracking knob, the blade wanders around a bit then shoots across to the back of the tyre, then I adjust it back again and it doesn't seem to move much, then all of a sudden it will shoot to the front of the tyre.

    does anyone have experience on this kind of behavior or am I trying to achieve something unnecessary and unachievable?

    any help or suggestions are appreciated


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    It should track center of top wheel as Mr Snodgrass says. Perhaps go through the procedure a couple of times checking things like tension.Tension gauge is only a rough guide better to feel the blade for sideways deflection with the fingers.Being slow and gentle with the tracking knob as a little goes a long way. If larger blades perform right then I cant think of anything else. Hope you get things sorted.

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