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    No problems Peter. I've had it listed on Gumtree for not very much in a fairly truthful ad as to the problems. No takers yet, so if you would like it it's yours. No problem with waiting a few weeks for pickup.

    The amp is still functional, it is just poor sound quality. I'm actually a bit disappointed in the NAD as I had assumed it was a better quality brand. It replaced an old manual tuning Marantz that lasted 30 years and it is less than half that age now. I also used to have a 2nd hand Kenwood receiver that was also at least 20 years old that was still working OK when I passed it on.

    When I was trying to work out the replacement capacitors I noted the current ones seem to be rated at 3000-4000h @ 85C. This seemed to be at the low end of the specs as I understood them. Also 4000h would be equivalent to about 13 years at a couple of hrs per day. So it might well be planned obsolescence.

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    If someone is willing to pay money, take it. I am not willing to pay so put me at the bottom of your list.

    Agree, I thought NAD was top quality. Reason I was willing to try fixing it. And it is more modern than my current amp.


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