The following guidelines apply to any members creating or responding to a listing on this site:

Guidelines for listing creators

  1. Linking to or providing the URL of pages containing explicit, obscene or vulgar language or images is not allowed.
  2. Linking to sites engaging illegal activities (eg: pirated sofware torrents) is not allowed on this site.
  3. Users must ensure that they place their listing in the correct category, according to what they are listing.
  4. This site does not oversee the process of money changing hands and is unable to offer assistance in cases where a sale does not go as planned. All buyers and sellers should take due care when making a transaction.

Guidelines for Auctions/Classifieds participants

  1. Comments should be made only by those who are seriously interested in buying the item for sale. Frivolous comments, even if they are well-intentioned, are discouraged and may be removed by a moderator.
  2. Negative comments about or criticism of the seller or item for sale are strictly not allowed. This includes accusations of fraud or theft, even if they are well-intentioned (for example, to warn others). If any member has a dispute with a seller, it must be solved privately, and not be referred to publicly in auctions. A member who posts negative comments or accusations about a seller may have their posts removed, or may be banned permanently.
  3. This site does not oversee the process of money changing hands and is unable to offer assistance in cases where the sale does not go as planned, or the item is not delivered as described. All buyers should take due care when purchasing any item.

Reporting offenders
A team of this site advisors and mentors regularly view the listings, however they may not notice every guideline violation immediately.
If you notice anybody breaking these guidelines, it should be reported to a this site advisor privately. Please do not complain about a member breaking the guidelines publicly in a comment. Your comment may be removed and you may receive a warning.

This site does not enter into monetary transactions or business dealings between marketplace buyers and sellers. This site is a neutral facilitator only, and will not be responsible for the failure of either party to follow through with their obligations, agreed or otherwise. The content of a listing is the responsibility of the respective sellers including compliance with all laws and not engaging in misleading and/or deceptive conduct and therefore This site is not liable for any violations of rights of a third party, in particular intellectual property rights, trade mark rights, and copyright resulting from a marketplace listing. This site reserves the right to remove or edit an auction listing at any time and may ban users from participating in the auction.

Please post any questions / problems / concerns in the following thread: Q and A's - HELLLLP!