The missus car has been giving me grief and I haven't had any success getting to the root cause.

Two weeks ago the check engine and service light came on in her TS Astra 1.8ltr ecoTec (one light, then the other) and the car lost some power to the wheels (it's now like driving with the hand brake on)

I took it to an auto electrician to retrieve the fault code and it came back with a P1985 (actual torque fault) and a P0700 (transmission control system malfunction) they cleared the codes from the ECU but it didn't last long, I got the car home but when I started it again the service light returned and so did the symptoms.

I wasn't too keen on spending another $50 at the auto elecs so I bought a $50 OBDii scan tool and retrieved/cleared the codes myself, this time the code was a P0100 (MAF sensor or circuit) and a pending P0700 (transmission control system MIL request) I cleaned the MAF, cleared the codes and the car drove fine for about half a day

The service light came back on and the car has lost power to the wheels again, I suspect it's some kind of fail safe mode, when I put the car in 1st it takes off with normal power, but in 2nd 3rd and drive it's lagging.

Does anybody know what the cause might be? because I'm stumped..


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