For many years I've restored, ridden and raced anything on two or three wheels but I've decided I need a change of scenery so yesterday I started a new project that takes me back 55 years to when car racing was my thing. Last Saturday I bought a Chevron 7 Clubman. A real seat of the pants open sports car that weighs less than 600kg and with bugger all luxuries but something I've wanted since seeing a Lotus Super 7 in the '50's. This shape has been copied by many companies over the years either as a basic kit or a turn key complete car so when I saw the Chevron at what I thought a good price I had to have it.These first photo's are what the seller used in his ad.

7 clubman.jpg7 clubman .jpg7 dash.jpg7 with webers.jpg

This car is very low and with my back problem I needed it at a workable height so today was spend making four dolly's to not only get the height but the ability to move it around the workshop.

Tomorrow I'll start pulling bits off but before I go too far I want to test the engine. Unfortunately the Webers pictured above didn't come with the car so there won't be any engine noises until I source another set. When last on the road it was running on LPG so because I'm converting back to petrol I need to make a fuel tank along with a million other little things.

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