I bought the Kat from a mate a couple of years ago with the intention of a ground up original restoration but for certain reasons originality didn't eventuate. This is the bike as purchased. SAM_2361.jpgSAM_2367.jpg

The most important thing to me was to source a new original exhaust system which at the time was impossible and anything second hand was garbage. The Italians make a great looking pair of mufflers at a price but not header pipes to suit. I could make them but getting them black chromed meant a cost I wasn't prepared to pay, besides, I have a few sets of new GSX1400 mufflers that might look OK. I fitted them on the original Katana mounts ... not too bad. SAM_2368.jpgSAM_2369.jpg

So the decision was made that totally original is now not happening because the mufflers are bright chrome instead of black & if I modify an exhaust I have then the only cost will be for bright chrome & less if I polish them myself.

Time for a strip down. An original Katana has a silver frame (this one is black) but I thought silver with the chrome exhaust would be too much so I decided to do it black again. One Katana frame ready for blasting.SAM_2375.jpg After blasting there's a surprise although I'm told it's common on these frames ... rust.SAM_2381.jpg Such is life so I welded the rust & prepared the frame for paint. What's the easiest way to paint a frame? A rotisserie of course.SAM_2384.jpg A couple of rattle cans later I have a black frame.SAM_2386.jpgSAM_2385.jpg

To be continued.
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