Hi everyone,
I recently got an old Advance lathe from my father.
It come from a men's shed, who had no need for it, as they had better / newer lathes.

As the title says, it is an Advance lathe, I'm guessing it is a pre 1962 model, as it appears to have the original manufacturer's initials stamped with the serial.

It is missing the gears (and bracket) for the leadscrew, and by the looks of it, the dog clutch system to engage the leadscrew, so I guess that is not so handy for threadcutting, and will be hard to replace.

It has a 3 jaw chuck, but not a 4 jaw one, so I'm going to need to try and find a back plate that will allow me to fit a 4 jaw to it, as I understand it takes a 1 inch BSF thread which is fairly uncommon.

Apparently it was set up in the welding bay of the men's shed, so the first order of business will be to try and clean things up as much as i can. Also, it appears to have at least one arc strike on the lathe bed. It's fairly small down towards the tailstock end, but I'll need try and smooth that out without causing more damage.

Is there any advice that can be offered regarding cleaning it up as best I can, while causing as little damage as possible to it? The first thing I did when I got it was cover it in WD40, as there was a fair bit of rust all over it (and it got wet during transportation)

I've come across a few sites (like the lathes.co.uk site) with a little info, and there are a few threads on here that mention the brand of lathes, so I know there are some of these lathes out there. I'm hoping I'll be able to find some people that can provide some helpful info on the lathe, and getting it cleaned and operational again.

Anyway, I'll post some pictures of the lathe for reference probably tomorrow, as it's late right now.

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