Today we visited the Deutsches Museum in Munich and all I can say is wow, this is exactly what a museum should be. My son and I spent more than six hours wandering around and still only got to see about half of it. Here's a few photos but nothing can do justice to seeing it in person, and this is just a small fraction of the engines, pumps and other machines in the mechanical power section.

A genuine 1 horse power motor.

1847 10hp Half beam steam engine.

LRG_DSC01864.jpg LRG_DSC01866.jpg
1839 30hp Oscillating cylinder steam engine.

1865 160hp Poppet valve steam engine, note random human to indicate scale.

1835 20hp Beam engine.

LRG_DSC01914.jpg LRG_DSC01917.jpg
1863 12hp Double side valve steam engine, I've never seen one of these.
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