I am sure there are numbers of you out there that have played with these before.
Managed to persuade an aquantance to part with a Lorch WW Watchmalkers lathe. (10mm with 100mm swing) that was stored in his shed.Came with headstock, 2 tailstocks, tool post and a tool rest. 3 Jaw chuck and faceplate (?) 11 collets .75 to 10mm, as well as 10 stepped and draw bar. All in good condition bar the one that is somewhat splayed, and appear to be in the original box. Assorted other odds and sods. Has legs treadle and flywheel and bench top. Working fine.
I know of its local provenance from late 1930s in a local garge/motor dealer. The bed is straight with some scars just under the headstock one or two very minor high édges here that dressed out easily. All in all in VG condition considering it's age. I am guessing early 1900s ? The only issue was a little surface pitting just in the spindle caused by the ever present hornets nest. Cleaned out well and collets seat .

Any thoughts on best refurb options, what and how? Has an not unattractive patina on most surfaces.


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