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Thread: 6 inch jointer

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    Default 6 inch jointer

    G'day all

    I have recently purchased a 6 inch jointer. It ran quite nice when i went to inspect it. After running a few passes over it i noticed there is a bit of noise in the bearings. I removed the cutter head with the though or replacing the bearings.

    After cleaning the dust and grease off it, I tried to get the bearing out. Im a little stuck on how to do it. I have removed bearings from other machines before but usually there is access to both sides of the bearings and i can get a punch onto the edge of the bearing. I concerned that it i get too forceful i will crack the casting. The larger bearing has a nut and a star shaped washer that locks the nut into place to prevent it from coming loose during use? I assume that is what it was for? There is also grease nipples on each bearing block as they are not sealed bearings.

    I have tried to do a google search but not having any lick finding a machine of the same brand or a similar looking cutter block. The name plate says "made wright engineers aust".

    Any assistance or tips on how to remove the bearings would be greatly appreciated


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    inside bearing puller/slide hammer puller

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    I presume, from photo 2, test you have taken the nut and washer off?
    For the smaller bearing, I would used a plate that is bolted to the outer casing by the 4 threaded holes with a central threaded bolt ( best with a slight end taper) that screws down onto the shaft. Normally these are not a high end interference fit so you may get away with just bolting to two opposite threads but I would prefer using the 4. With the nut off the other one, the procedure looks the same but with longer threaded plate bolts.
    Depending on access, you may get away with a two or three legged hooked puller between the back ends of the housing and the shaft centres?
    This means the housings with bearings inside, will come off the shafts. You will then need and internal bearing puller to remove the bearings from the housings.
    Where abouts in Sydney are you? I may be able to help if you are close. Send me PM if you like

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