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    Default Centurion drill press

    Have had a Centurion drill press hanging around for a while bought cheap at auctions -found out why! tHE UP DOWN THINGY ??? the one with the bearings that the chuck is mounted in. has teeth sheared off -from the afore mentioned tubeish thing. not the gears on the up - down handle. As these appear to be broken off a cast item -I presume welding / regrinding won't work well.
    The drill press has a 1 HP motor + a #2 Morse taper chuck which just handily fits my lathe (wood) it can be considered to have been worthwhile. However if it can be reasonably fixed would be a major bonus as my current drill press is an older one of those crap Chinese drill presses still sold today ( except that mine had the original 1/3 HP motor replaced by a 1/3 HP motor from an old washing machine -almost doubled the grunt-would recommend anyone that has one to do it- if you know the electrical stuff - if you don't -find someone to do for you -death from dum ass electrocution not good) By the way Chinese horses appear to be pussies.
    Would be great to get this one running again -chances of stock parts appear zilch as net searches seem to regard the company as dead -and was probably produced no later than early 70s at a guess more likely 60s and as such if a fix can be found will probably outlive me. Well would be good. Buy the way still using a small 240v motor that recommends lubrication with Vacuum oil lubricants -which I believe died nearly 70 years ago or close there.
    Had a better look today - not as old as I thought 1989 on the build plate and Made in Taiwan. The grease makes it hard to see but some of the teeth here are slightly damaged - the worst ones are still up inside.DSCN0287.jpg. .DSCN0293.jpgDSCN0298.jpgDSCN0298.jpgDSCN0291.jpgDSCN0287.jpg

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    Some pics up now should explain better but a few of the teeth up inside are sheared off and look kind of crystalline - thinking casting. Sorry have no photos of when I had it apart.

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