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    Default WADKIN BGY Disk & Belt Sander

    I bought this WADKIN BGY Disk & Belt Sander earlier this year in May from a forum member (clear_out). The plan was he would bring it up on the back of he's ute when he came to visit family and friends. COVID obviously delayed things but last weekend I finally took possession of this big heavy duty unit. Fortunately we were able to lift it off using only an engine crane so didn't take too long.

    I've always wanted a machine like this as any sanding has been via a hand held belt sander which gets long in the tooth and is inaccurate. It'll be particularly good to shape the profiles for wooden surfboard fins like I have done for this board: Dorff Boards: 6'2" Plankish Whale - Compsand

    20201217_180711_resized.jpg 20201217_180625_resized.jpg

    I made up a mobile base for it this week with heavy duty castors. The base is 45mm thick and uses 4 x biscuit joints per join and glued together with Titebond 3 glue. The machine is about 350kg so should be plenty strong enough. The extra height the base provides is good for me as I am 6'1". I'll add a little lip around the base incase it wants to move when I push it around the workshop.

    20201217_172919_resized.jpg 20201217_173009_resized.jpg

    Not a PK saw or a RS lathe but worthy of a restore at some point. I intend to:

    • Strip it back
    • Bog up any imperfections
    • Respray it
    • Convert it to a 3hp single phase motor unless I have 3-Phase installed in the next place I move to

    Thanks again Henry for bringing it 1000 klms - your an absolute legend!

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    Great looking board and fins, nicely foiled

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie_6ft View Post
    I bought this WADKIN BGY Disk & Belt Sander earlier this year...
    It looks like a good solid machine - and has a good stack of spare sandpaper discs with it. Is that a 16" disc?

    Cheers, Vann.
    Gatherer of rusty planes tools...
    Proud member of the Wadkin Blockhead Club .

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    Hey Van, yes 405 mm (16") dia disc. Clear_out who sold it to me had a 'life time' of spare belts and discs. I'll likely list some to sell as I'll never get through them and is quite a bit of money sitting there - problem is they are not too common in Australia so my market is fairly small!

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