I'm cleaning up my shed and will be moving on some machines and tools.
One of them is a multi-purpose woodworking machine I've had and used for about 30 years.
It is a 6" planer(jointer), 6"x4" thicknesser, 12" saw or sander, spindle moulder, jig saw and lathe. I made the removable lathe attachment to make the finials on my house. It is well made with a sturdy wooden frame, with cast iron spindle bearing support and many cleverly designed fabricated
steel parts. All the tables were timber and not flat enough for my liking, so I replaced some parts with steel sections and aluminium.
I used it extensively building my house and my wife's studio and it works very well within its capacity. The single motor driving everything is 1.5Hp single phase - and it seems to cope fine with all the work I threw at it.... It now needs some cleaning up and TLC.
Let me know if you are interested by PM.
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