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    Default Air Brush and Compressor

    For anyone who would like to give air brushing a go but doesn't want to spend a lot of money, maybe try one of these.
    Voilamart Air Brush Compressor 0.2mm Gravity Spray Gun Tattoo Art Airbrush Set | eBay

    I bought one a while ago to airbrush models and find it excellent. The dual action brush is reasonable quality (can't really fault it) and the compressor is excellent. Super quiet and delivers plenty of air for air brushing.
    Those were the droids I was looking for.

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    I have a very similar one to this mine has a tank underneath which gives a nice supply of air when needed, but found the airbrushes that came with mine need replacing with better quality ones

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    yep air brush looks the goods but dose'nt live up to its looks, the compressor so far seem s to be ok.

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    Most of you are not going to be using streaks of color to do fantasy make up.
    That airbrush in the link has a color cup that you have to keep cleaning. Tip your hand and your finish goes eveywhere.
    Just fine for an illustrator, masking vertical art work.

    1. Buy a name brand airbrush that uses a jar. Paasche, Badger, Thayer & Chandler, Aztec.
    Those are the only 4 that I used for many years doing stage craft, costumes and makeup.
    I have kept 2 Badgers, a 100 and a Crescendo. I have all the needles and spare parts still! They never quit.
    The Paasche Turbo can paint eyebrow hairs on a china doll. Looks cool but not today.

    2. I had to be able to work silently, back stage, even during show time.
    I went to a welding supply and bought a regulator. Then, I rented a 1/2 tank of nitrogen.
    Not a sound.

    3. Get a tire hose, too. Insurance. Then you can pump up a spare wheel and run off that, rolled into awkward places.

    4. Many times, you will be spraying a toxic and/or flammable fog of liquids that might have to be diluted with solvents
    to make them sprayable at less than 40psi. How will you cope with that?

    5. Buy a name brand compressor. The ones designed for airbrush use are very quiet. My Porter Hausfield honks like a pig.

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