I want to sell my table,
see this for the listing:
wood dining table with unique leaf. - furniture - by owner - sale

I think its probably too beat up/worn to make a good presentation. I don't want to do more involved work
like formica, and prefer to just elliptical sand and bondo and paint the top with something decent enough for the wear and tear on a table. or if there is some other method, pretty much as easy and inexpensive as a paint job.

I refinished kitchen cabs with a SW furniture grade alkyld paint that has worked great for the cabs, but that req'd me using my HVLP setup which I don't want to use again right now.

Ideally want to get a spray bomb, maybe alkyld based? Have had great luck spraying wood that was prepped right. see more closeup pics below showing the worst damage spots. I think sanding with a 150ish grit and probably a quick prime coat to show areas that need more/better sanding etc would be ok for my purposes.

any spray can recommendations?

hopefully this link will work to show wear and tear pics
Shared album - Bob Betz - Google Photos